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Braufässchen Dunkles mit Kirsche & Eichenholz
Braufässchen brauset

Dark with Cherry and Oak

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The earthy taste of Dark Beer is perfectly complemented by the lightly roasted oak wood and the aromatically sweet cherry flavor.

A shandy made from Dark Beer, cola and a shot of cherry liquor is a popular drink in the Bavarian region of Germany. The result is a very sweet tasting drink that loses some of the beer's character. This kit offers you the real taste of cherry in beer. The smoky taste of the oak wood chips and the bitter flavor of the German Dark Beer is rounded off by the aromatic sweetness of the cherry. Why add cola and liquor when there is already a great cherry taste? Removing the extreme sweetness and dispensing with the cola gives you what really counts: more taste.

Information about the food regulation:

Beer Brewing Kit containing: 1 pouch of Barley-malt extract* (ingredients: barley malt, water), 1 bottle of hop flavouring**, 1 bottle of natural flavouring**, 1 sachet of oak wood chips***, 1 sachet of dry beer yeast (ingredients: dry yeast, emulsifier sorbitan monostearate), 1 five litre keg as fermentation tank (empty), 1 pressure control valve, 1 instruction manual
* 650g ** 9ml *** 5g ℮

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