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Dark Beer

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The roasted, malty taste and the dark color are what make this beer an intense taste sensation.

The oldest style of beer in the German region of Bavaria has been shown to be German Dark Beer. It is even believed that amphora filled with German Dark Beer were buried in a burial ground dating back to 800 BC in the Upper Franconia region. Making this beer style one of the oldest in the world. The taste of this beer harmonizes wonderfully with roasts and mildly tangy sorts of cheese. German Style Dark Beer is aromatic and only lightly bitter. The taste can range from hints of coffee to liquorice flavors.

It is also better to drink this German Dark Beer slightly warmer – with an ideal drinking temperature of 9 – 12 °C. The beer has an alcohol content of 4.0-5.5%.

Information about the food regulation:

Beer Brewing Kit containing: 1 pouch of Barley-malt extract* (ingredients: barley malt, water), 1 bottle of hop flavouring**, 1 sachet of dry beer yeast (ingredients: dry yeast, emulsifier sorbitan monostearate), 1 five litre keg as fermentation tank (empty), 1 pressure control valve, 1 instruction manual
* 650g ** 9ml ℮

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