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Wheat Beer

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The sweet yet mild taste of the Wheat Beer harmonizes perfectly with the naturally fruity and spicy flavors from the yeast.

Alongside the IPA, the traditional German style Wheat Beer is the other top-fermented beer available in our range. It is brewed using wheat malt and impresses due to its mild aroma and fruity yet malty taste. The top-fermenting yeast used for this wheat beer delivers a richly diverse set of tastes – ranging from apple and banana through to the delicate flavor of cloves.

Information about the food regulation:

Beer Brewing Kit containing: 1 pouch of Wheat- & Barley-malt extract* (ingredients: wheat malt, barley malt, water), 1 bottle of hop flavouring**, 1 sachet of dry beer yeast (ingredients: dry yeast, emulsifier sorbitan monostearate), 1 five litre keg as fermentation tank (empty), 1 pressure control valve, 1 instruction manual
* 650g ** 9ml ℮

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